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Terms and Conditions

Weather and Expectations
This is a BUSH Holiday park and most activities require some exposure to the elements - from walking to the amenities block, your car or staying in a tent. Please do not come if you are not prepared for whatever the weather brings - we will not tolerate bad reviews from people who complain about rain, wind or too much sunshine. The camp kitchen is part of a shed, and is therefore the same temperature as the outside. If you do not own warm clothes and water proof shoes, do not come. If you are not used to cooking in an environment with a concrete floor, do not come. If you are not prepared to cook your own breakfast, do not come. If you are unused to cleaning up after yourself in the bathroom or the kitchen, do not come.
If you have already booked and are now rethinking your choice - call me and I will cancel your booking. We do not want anyone here who does not really want to be here!
Cabins and Glamping Bell Tent prices include linen - Bush bell tents and campsites do not (unless otherwise specified or agreed). Daily housekeeping maintains the rooms and bathrooms 365 days per year and is included in the accommodation cost (prior to booking commencing).

This facility is staffed 24 hours per day by 2-4 permanent onsite managers. Check-ins are permitted between 2.00pm and 8.00pm 7 days per week. Late or early check-ins will incur a $25 fee (excluding campsites or bush bell tents) unless a prior agreement has been reached.

Keys must be left either in cabin room doors or in key return letterbox at entrance to property. Lost keys will incur a fee of $25.00 without exception.

This is an enviro-friendly location that does not have rubbish collection services. You are required to take whatever rubbish you bring with you and dispose of it offsite - such as in council rubbish bins in Penola or Naracoorte (camp kitchen users excluded). One exception is drink containers - cans and bottles can be left in containers marked for this purpose. ONLY recyclable cans and bottles can be put in these containers. Anyone found putting any other rubbish in these containers will be charged $25.00.

Coonawarra Bush Holiday Park allows pets. All animals must be kept under control and on leash or contained in a pen or inside a caravan. That includes not harrassing resident cats, dogs or local wildlife. Pets are not to be left unattended in the park at any time except by prior arrangement and are strictly forbidden from entering shower/toilet units or laundry facilities. Guests are responsible for ensuring all animal waste is removed, bagged and binned off-site and NOT IN THE BOTTLE BINS. Any animal causing undue noise or damage or fighting with any other dogs at any time will result in the owner being asked to leave with no refunds.

No pets in cabin rooms or bell tents at any time unless you have brought their own bed or box. If you do not like or are afraid of dogs you should discuss with park management before arrival.

Bookings begin when you arrive and end at 11.00am the following day. All bookings must be paid in advance. Cancellations received more than 6 weeks prior to non-school and public holiday periods do not incur a cancellation fee. Cancellations for non-school and public holiday periods incur a 50% cancellation fee if received more than 2 weeks and less than 6 weeks prior to booking. Cancellations received within 2 weeks prior to booking incur a 100% fee. Cancellations received within 4 weeks of public or school holidays incur a 100% cancellation fee. Refunds do not apply to early departure. No refunds are available due to inclement weather which is beyond our control.

Coonawarra Bush Holiday Park is situated in the wild and contains many potential hazards, including but not limited to: bushfires, snakes, poisonous insects, uneven ground and wombat holes, falling tree limbs, deep and dangerous unfenced waterholes, thick scrub with and without tracks, barbed and electrical fences, farm equipment, unsupervised playgrounds etc. By entering the park you volunteer to accept these risks and agree not to hold the park owners and managers liable in any way for any harm that could reasonably be foreseen in a bushland and or farming environment.

Fires can only be lit in the provided fire drums (which can be moved and returned to original location when finished). No fires are allowed contrary to any fire regulations in force. Fire wood is expensive due to labour required. Fallen leaves, bark and branches can be collected for use in fire drums or cut wood can be purchased from reception ($25 for 25kg). Cut Firewood taken from our wood piles or other campsites will be treated as theft and the guest will be charged and expelled or the police involved at park management's discretion. No chainsaws without prior approval of management. No felling trees at any time, no removing branches from trees within the park.

If you book an unpowered site, you are not permitted to access any of the park's powerpoints, except in the bathroom and only while you are in there. This includes powerpoints in the camp kitchen. If any device owned by an unpowered site guest is found plugged in to park power, the device may be confiscated or the guest will be charged for a powered site for that day. This policy applies to all devices including but not limited to mobile phones and laptops.

We pride ourselves on having the cleanest bathroom facilities in the industry and we ask that all guests use the provided spinning mops after they shower to dry the floors. If a guest leaves a bathroom in an untidy state, a fee of $25 will be levied. Guests responsible for dirty bathrooms can be identified by our extensive collection of security cameras.

There is a $10 fee for accessing the camp kitchen facilities if you are an unpowered site guest or Bush bell tent guest. This fee is waived for powered site, glamping and cabin guests. The camp kitchen must be left neat and tidy, and all dishes and cutlery put away. If any guest leaves the camp kitchen in an untidy state a fee of $25 will be levied, as determined via secuirty cameras.

The park is blessed with several types of Wallabies and Eastern Grey Kangaroos, Emus and Wombats. Do not chase, shoot, feed or harass these or any other native wildlife or allow your pets to do so.

The lake is stocked with yabbies which can be fished all year round. No nets or hooks are to be used at any time. Handlines with spring clips for bait are available for a $5 hire fee from reception (which includes bait). No yabbies less than legal size (12cm body not including claws) can be kept.

No guns or motorcycles (apart from road bikes) are allowed on the park grounds without prior written (or emailed) approval by management.

Inside the fenced heritage bushland (170 acres) special rules apply. No fires, no rubbish. Please ask management about what activities are allowed from season to season.

Any damage caused by a guest will be charged to the card details we hold as security. The park reserves all of its legal rights to recover damage caused unlawfully. Small damage items such as tears in tents, ruined towels etc should be brought to park management's attention and resolved easily. Waiting for park management to discover damage will result in higher repair/replacement costs. Management reserves the right to debit the credit card details held on file for any damaged items, in which case the person who made the booking will be informed of the damage and the cost charged. The maximum that will be charged without notice for damage is $500 unless the park deems it sufficiently eggregious to charge more. An email containing the cost of repairs will be sent to the customer as long as we have a valid email address. Example costs include - tear in flyscreen - $100; broken zip - $280; burn holes in chairs - $100; burns in canvas $250.

The park believes in honest and legal customer feedback, but where published reviews or descriptions cross the line and become illegal defamation the park will use its knowledge of the customer and the customers financial and personal details to instigate legal action to protect its rights. If there are any grounds for dispute or dissatisfaction at the performance of the park then these must be discussed with the park prior to any publication of these matters. If insufficient contact information has been provided or the park deems it sufficiently aggregious to actg unilaterally, a fine of $500 may be deducted from the guest's card pending resolution of the matter by the relevant judiciary.

As a last resort, management reserves the right to terminate a site booking without compensation where the unreasonable behaviour of the persons named on the booking or their guests may impair the enjoyment, comfort or health of other guests or residents in the opinion of the manager. No refunds will be given, no discussions entered into and police will be involved if compliance is not immediate.

These terms and conditions are Copyright The Hundred of Comaum Trust and Coonawarra Bush Holiday Park 2015-2023