July 2, 2020

SPRING Wargames I
26-27 SEPTEMBER '20

"Bring on the fun..."



Have a look at all the fun of the last gel blaster event here!

Spring Wargames Gel Blaster Skirmish

Presented by the South East SA Gel Blaster Club


The second South East Gel Blaster Bush Skirmish Weekend is being held on 26-27 September (school holidays). Enjoy a fun family weekend Glamping and playing soldier in our massive forest. Live music and complimentary BBQ Saturday night. Choose your accommodation and then choose your skirmish sessions and gel blaster rental options.

6 sessions, $19 adults, $15 children per session, all sessions $99/$69 (save $20)
Gel blaster rental from $20 per session, all sessions $99 (save $20)
All sessions plus blaster rental $189/$169 (save $40)

Private gel blasters - nothing faster than 350fps


Accomodation options:

We have 15 powered Glamping tents with fires, each sleeping 4 people plus 5 x Hi-Tech "Bubble" tents and 4 self- contained cabins. Book your accommodation in the normal way from the website at cbhp.com.au.


Gel Blasters!

Come experience the unique thrill of firing sub-machine guns at your family and friends in a totally safe environment. Choose, load and shoot as 100% accurate replica assault rifles, automatic handguns, pump action shotguns and sniper rifles.Go head to head with your “frenemies” on our 4 skirmish fields set amongst our 200 acre forest.

The quarterly Wargames event brings together local gel blaster suppliers and enthusiasts to compare their creations and military simulation knowledge over a dedicated weekend on police and council approved fields including the Sand mine, Dead man's Crawl, the Tree Farm and the Long March. Play out scenarios including capture the flag, tug or war, domination and hostage rescue

Event Summary

"The year is 2022. The civil war continues to wreak havoc upon small New Holland. The fighting population remains separated into two factions – the pro-genetics (BLACK) versus the anti-genetics (WHITE). While the pro-genetics won the last round, the whites have rearmed and regrouped and are ready for payback....In a new development, the pro-genetics have taken the oppositions chief scientist hostage. The anti-genetics team will have to rescue him if there is to be any hope for their survival..."

You are invited to another weekend of gel blaster warfare, live music and outdoor fun - day and night! Coonawarra Bush Holiday Park is hosting the Spring Wargames, offering its large range of glamping tents, cabins, bubbles and caravan sites exclusively for the weekend of 26-27 September 2020 (school holidays). Tickets for the event are on sale now and allow any combination of camp sites, 6 skirmish sessions, raffle tickets for modded blasters, a BBQ Saturday night and Sunday Lunch PLUS the live rock band "STITCHES".



Stitches formed in 2013 with a desire to play the songs that people know and love to hear, sing along with, dance & jump around to or just enjoy! Stitches play favourite songs by Grinspoon, The Offspring, Foo Fighters, Blink 182, Green Day, New Found Glory, The Living End, Good Charlotte, The Bennies, Three Days Grace, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Rise Against,The White Stripes, Linkin Park, Nirvana, Silverchair, Pennywise, Wolfmother and many more.


2 teams will compete for final honours and prizes. Each team is broken up into 2 divisions or up to 100 members each, giving a total maximum number of combatants on the field of 200 on any one scenario.

Ticket types

Weekend, all sessions $99 Adults $69 under 12

Single session tickets $19/$15

Single day tickets (sat or sun) $60

Gel blaster rentals - only 15 gel blasters available for rental, so get in fast. $20 per session, $99 for whole weekend

Ammo - 4000 rounds $10

Spectators are FREE. Non-playing partners are FREE

Group bookings 10% discount 10 persons or more - call Steve to arrange discount


The over 18’s on the winning team will receive one bottle of Hundred of Comaum Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 Wine each. Under 18’s will receive free tickets to following events.

Raffle Prizes – 2 great raffle prizes will be given away. Check out the last events prizes!


1) The Hostage Rescue (rescue, Sand Mine zone 4 or Black Forest zone 1)

Spawn counts apply.1 minute respawns, one point lost for each. Winner has most points left after rescuing hostage.

2) The Long March (tug of war, Zone 3)

Spawn at any checkpoint along “long march” with spare ammo. Whichever team is furthest along line at end of one hour is the winner. 5 marker points including spawns. If one team reaches end before 30 minutes, ends are reversed. 4 points for winner, extra point for taking opponents spawn point.

3) Dead Man’s Crawl (capture the flag, Zone 2)

2 flags for each team. Have to defend your flags while attempting to capture opponents’ flags. 4 respawn bases with spare ammo. Winner captures both flags. Extra point if no own flags lost.

4) The Black Forest (domination, Zone 1)

5 target points, each with spare ammo. 2 respawn bases. Whichever team is holding most bases at end of 1 hour is winner (4 points). Extra point if all 5 bases held by same team.

5) Defence of the lab (hold the fort, Zone 4)

Defenders can only respawn 3 times. Attackers have unlimited spawns. Martial located in lab base to oversee spawning restriction. 4 points if base is taken, extra point if defender is taken within 30 minutes. Defenders have spare ammo and cover, attackers do not (except what they carry). Claymores, grenades etc allowed if defending team has them.

6) Final Round Death Match - made up of the finest warriors of each team. The field of battle will be chosen by the team with the least points. Each front/zone awards 5 points to the victorious team, making a total of 45 possible points.

Respawn count battle – 1 minute respawns, one point lost for each. Winner has most points left at end of one hour. Unlimited team size. Played on field chosen by team with least points at end of Session Eight.

BYO Toys or rent by the session

Bring your own blaster - it will be chono'd and tagged to max 350 fps. If you don't have one yet - buy one at the show. Otherwise - rent one for the day. Several vendors will be offering rental guns. Coonawarra Bush Holiday Park has a limited number of rental toys - see the extras list when booking. Some examples below:

What to bring

* Bring protective gear and lots of camo as there are prizes for the best dressed.
* Ammo, toys, tools, torches, cameras, binoculars, batteries and chargers.
* Warm clothes, good strong shoes.
* Food for Saturday lunch, Sunday breakfast.
* Beer, spirits - wine available on site.
* Camping gear if camping. All linen is provided if you are staying in any of our rooms or glamping tents.


Saturday 26 September 2020
9:00 Registration/Release forms, Blaster Hire, Ammunition Sales, Team/Division allocation
10:00 Main Martialling Session – Overall Rules, Overall Competition, Points, Prizes
10:30 Session One - Martialling
10:45 Start Session 1 – Black Div 1 v White Div 1, The long march (tug of war, Zone 3)
12:00 Session Two - Martialling
12:15 Start Session 2 – Black Div 2 v White Div 2, Hostage Rescue, Black Forest zone 1
2:30 Session Three - Martialling
2:45 Start Session 3 – Black Div 1 v White Div 1, Dead man’s crawl (capture the flag, Zone 2)
4:15 Competition Ends Day One
6:00pm – BBQ Dinners served from Camp Kitchen
7:00pm – Band “STITCHES” begins
11:00pm – Band finishes

Sunday 27 September 2020
8.30 Additional Registrations/Release forms, Blaster Hire, Ammunition Sales, Team allocation
9.30 Session Four – Martialling
9.45 Start Session Four – Black Div 1 Attacks v White Div 1 Defends, Defence of the lab (hold the fort, Zone 4)
11:00 Session Five Martialling
11:15 Start Session Five - Black Div 1 v White Div 1, The long march (tug of war, Zone 3)
12:30 Session Six – Martialling
2:45 Start Session Six - Black Div 2 v White Div 2, The Black Forest – Death Match (domination, Zone 1)
4:00 Winner and Prizes Ceremony
4:30 End Event and Cleanup


1) Call your hits fairly – Yell out “Hit” and arms up
2) Wear your protection – especially eye protection
3) Minimum engage 2m – do not light up under 2m
4) No Hand to hand combat during COVID19 unless the person is a member of your family group.
5) No shooting at non-combatants
6) No visible gel blasters off property
7) Maximum blaster spec is 350 feet per sec and 25 rounds per sec
8) No solid or semi solid ammo.
9) Good sportsmanship is key to the enjoyment of the event for everyone – be a good sport.

Have a look at all the fun of the last gel blaster event here!
skirmish zones

Booking Instructions

Book as many tickets as needed by using the "No. of Areas" box after you click the booking button. Each "Area" will contain same number of adults and children as specified at top. Maximum 4 persons per area. Tickets can be given as gifts - email confirmation is a voucher.

If you are booking for a single session and want a specific session, say which session you want in the booking notes. We will try to give you the exact session you want.

Other accomodation options:

You do not have to camp - you can GLAMP! We have 15 powered glamping tents with fires, each sleeping 4 people plus 5 x Hi-Tech "Bubble" tents and 4 self- contained cabins. To upgrade your accommodation from the included camp site to more luxury, first book your tickets here and then book your accommodation at cbhp.com.au using promo code WWIG for your discount.